2010 Howell Mountain Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Howell Mountain cabernets are often noted for the power of their tannins. This one shares that power: Grown on red volcanic soils at the estate vineyard adjacent to Robert Craig’s winery—the west face of a ridge top closing in on 2,300 feet—it builds intensity out of dark fruit tones and the black spice of its tannins. At first, those tannins feel luxurious, richly layered with cedar and cool forest scents. Their complexity gains with air, as does the wine’s refinement, subsuming power into tremendous length of flavor. It brings on a scent memory of camping in the woods—a cabernet that excites the senses, structured to develop for years in the bottle. (950 cases)

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Robert Craig Winery, Angwin, CA

Reviewed by Joshua Greene | Oct 2013

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